My game for LD 40!

Play with Your friend and fight through enemies waves. Deeper You go the harder game becomes. Remember to collect essence (red thing falling from enemies) for upgrading stats and buy ultimate attacks. You can play solo aswell:)

Character have different stats and Ult. Attacks


Slower but have higher fire rate and dmg.

*Can Buff dmg for both players for period of time (Unlockable)

*Can Fury attack that destroy all enemies (Unlockable)


Double jump, faster movement, but lower fire rate and dmg

*Can place turret and (Unlockable)

*Can place energy shield (Unlockable)

Tools That i used: Construct 2, Gimp, Jpixel, BFXR

(My twitter: if You are intrested in my work!:D)

Install instructions

Unpack and play!:D


win32.rar 41 MB
linux32.rar 53 MB
linux64.rar 51 MB